10 Tips for Safely Moving Your Items to Storage

Published on 2/22/2023

10 Tips for Safely Moving Your Items to Storage


Sometimes moving can seem like a simple task but when you look at the fine print, you realize that you need to take precautions to ensure your belongings are taken care of. And even if you are just moving some belongings to a storage unit, it can still be a pain because you still have to prepare for the long-distance move and make sure that the items are well-protected.


But have no fear because we are here to help. Just keep in mind these 10 tips we guarantee you to relieve the stress of moving and get you started on the right foot.


1.    Move the large items first.  


Large items on the list must be moved first so you can put lighter items on top of it, if possible – which can save you a lot of space. Belongings with a weight over 50 lbs. are considered large items.


2.    Consider getting a truck with a loading ramp


A truck with a loading ramp is especially helpful if you don’t want the hassle of lifting every piece of possessions. The struggle of lifting each item is also time-consuming.


3.    Pack your belongings in their right boxes


Heavy items that can fit into small boxes are suitable as it helps to prevent them from being moved around during transporting period.  


4.    Watch over fragile items


Bubble wrap, cushioning, and other things to protect fragile items are necessary. In addition, fragile items should be the last to be put in the truck to prevent getting banged up by other boxes.


5.    Cost-effective taping


Be generous with your tape. Make sure to wrap it all around the edges of each box to guarantee the safety of the contents.


6.    Label each box clearly

Be specific with your labeling as this can save you a lot of time if you want to search for a particular item in the storage unit when the time comes. Don’t just put ‘old stuff’, but rather identify it as ‘décor for Christmas, books from school, or anime collectibles’.


7.    Know the storage restrictions


Some self-storage unit companies restrict owners from putting items such as gasoline, chemicals, explosives, fertilizer, paint, propane tanks, narcotics, and other flammable items in their spaces,


8.    Take into account the moving insurance


Getting moving insurance can give you peace of mind in case the worst-case scenario of relocating your possessions happens. The moving insurance company will be liable for any damages or theft that can transpire while en route to the self-storage unit.


9.    Clean the unit properly


Cleaning your unit not only protects your belongings from mold and mildew but can also help you stay organized throughout the moving process.


10. Declutter things you don’t need


Renting a self-storage unit to make space in your home is also the best time to take away the things you may no longer need. You can still make money off of this by initiating a garage sale or much better donating it to those in need.


Final thoughts


There are many complicated processes involved with moving to storage, but not to worry. We've outlined some quick tips to make your move as stress-free as possible and we hope it helped you.